• Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as [the terms]) are the services provided by Sea Parts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as [the company]) on this website, GAPRAS (hereinafter referred to as [the terms] The terms and conditions of [the Service] are defined.
The registered users (hereinafter referred to as [users]) will use this service in accordance with the Terms.

Chapter 1 (General)

Article 1 (Apply)

The Terms and Conditions shall apply to any relationship between the user and the Company regarding the use of the Service.

Article 2 (Eligibility)

1. Users who can use this service are limited to users who have accepted the Terms of Service and registered as members, and users who have signed a TAPRAS usage agreement with us.
2. For users other than users only browsing and inquiry functions of this site are available
3. Anyone under 18 can not join.

Article 3 (User Registration)

1. Registration applicants apply for usage registration according to the method prescribed by our company, and the usage registration shall be completed when our company approves this.
2. The Company may not approve the application for use registration if it determines that the applicant for use registration has the following reasons, and shall not be obliged to disclose any reason for that.
(1) In the case of filing a false matter when applying for registration
(2) In the case of an application from a person who has violated these Terms
(3) Others, if the Company determines that the usage registration is not appropriate

Article 4 (User ID and Password Management)

1. User shall manage the user ID and password of the Service at his own risk.
2. In no case may a User ID or Password be transferred or lent to a third party
3. If the combination of user ID and password matches the registration information and is logged in, it will be considered as the use by the user who registered the user ID.
4. If the user inputs an ID and password, the user will enter the ID and password until the time specified by the company elapses (hereinafter referred to as Available Time ). Without entering your ID and password, you can use auctions, bids and other usages as prescribed by our company. The user shall not allow the third party to use the device for which the ID and password have been entered during the available time, and shall not lend, assign, trade, buy, etc.
5. ID and password as well as management of the device which entered ID and password, use error, and use of the third party, etc. shall be the responsibility of the user, and we assume all responsibility I will not bear you.
6. If the user knows the password to a third party, there is a risk that the third party may use the device for which the ID and password have been entered during the available time, or the ID or password If there is a suspicion of being used by a third party, we will immediately notify us and follow our instructions if instructed to do so.
7. Users are obligated to change their password regularly, and we are not responsible for any damages caused by failure to do so.

Article 5 (Contents of the Service)

1. This service is intended for users to sell and make a successful bid on items in an auction format.
2. By operating the Service, we provide a place to sell auctions and provide functions to exchange trading information. We maintain the order of the Service, In order to conduct a smooth and sound auction, we will set the rules of the transaction and take other necessary measures, and may be a party to the sales contract of the exhibition product or an agent of the exhibitor and the user. We do not bear any responsibility for the contents of exhibition products from other than our company, matters concerning exhibition and matters concerning the operation of the shop, etc. If any trouble occurs, we will solve directly with the exhibition company You will receive it.

Article 6 (Time on Auction)

Every time displayed in this service is based on the time in our server.

Article 7 (Auction Stop / Stop)

If the Company determines that any of the following is true, it may immediately stop or stop the auction for a fixed period without notifying the user in advance.
(1) When the item for sale is significantly different from the part name
(2) When or when the exhibitor violates Japan or the applicable foreign law (hereinafter simply referred to as law ), or when there is a risk
(3) When the seller has suspended or disabled service provision, for example, due to withdrawal or cancellation of contract with the Company
(4) When the user violates the terms and conditions
(5) In case of suspected fraud on auction
(6) When requested by the government or judicial authorities to stop the auction based on the law
(7) When it is suspected that the item for sale is a stolen item or an item obtained in violation of the law
(8) or when the seller is found to have no ownership or disposal authority for the item, or when he is suspected
(9) When there is a petition for auction, foreclosure, temporary foreclosure, temporary disposition, etc., for the exhibited item
(10) If there is a system interruption, delay, cancellation, or data loss due to a failure of a communication line, computer, etc. or unauthorized access to data, it is necessary for our company to perform other maintenance etc. When I judge
(11) In addition to the previous items, when we decide that we need to cancel the auction to protect the interests of our company, users, sellers or third parties

Article 8 (Prohibited Item)

Users and readers, users must not do the following in using this service.
(1) Acts that violate the law or public order and morals
(2) Acts related to criminal acts
(3) the act of destroying or disturbing the function of our server or network
(4) Acts that may interfere with the operation of our service
(5) Collecting or storing personal information about other users
(6) Act of impersonating another user
(7) Acts that directly or indirectly provide benefits to antisocial forces in connection with our services
(8) Reproduction of all data, articles, images, etc. that make up this site to other sites, magazines and advertisements
(9) Conducting business talks with customers directly without using this site's data
(10) Bid in spite of having no intention to buy the truth, such as bidding for tempering or harassment
(11) Bid to the goods of the exhibitor operated by oneself or a person related to oneself
(12) Information that the Company deems inappropriate in the comments section and the nickname section, etc. when bidding (indecent information, grotesque information, other information giving discomfort to others, information that is not truth, information Information including, but not limited to, promoting information, information that defams or defams a third party, or any other information that violates the rights or interests of the third party.
(13) Others, which we consider inappropriate

Article 9 (Stop of Service Provision, etc.)

1. If the Company determines that there are any of the following reasons, it may suspend or suspend the provision of all or part of the Service without notifying the user in advance.
(1) When performing maintenance check or update of the computer system concerning this service
(2) If it becomes difficult to provide this service due to force majeure such as earthquake, lightning, fire, blackout or natural disaster
(3) If the computer or communication line is shut down due to an accident
(4) In the case where the Company judges that it is difficult to provide this service
2. We shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage suffered by you or any third party due to the suspension or interruption of the provision of this service, for any reason.

Article 10 (Restriction of use and cancellation of registration)

We may restrict the use of all or part of the Service to users or cancel the registration as a user without prior notice in the following cases.
(1) In the event of any violation of these Terms
(2) If it is found that the registered matter is false fact
(3) Others, if we decide not to use this service
2. We shall not be liable for any damages caused to the User by the actions we have taken under this Article.

Article 11 (Disclaimer)

The Company's default liability will be disclaimed if it is not due to our intention or gross negligence.
2. Even if the company is liable for any reason, it is within the scope of the damage that would normally occur and in the case of paid services the payment (equivalent to one month's worth in the case of continuous services) You will only be liable for compensation within the scope.
3. We are not responsible for any transactions, communications or disputes that may arise between you and other users or third parties with respect to the Service.

Article 12 (modification of service contents etc.)

We shall be able to change the content of this service or discontinue the provision of this service without notifying the user, and take no responsibility for any damages caused to the user. Hmm.

Article 13 (Change of Terms of Service)

The Company may change the Terms at any time without notice to the User if it deems necessary. From the time of changing the Terms, all fees, etc. related to the auction will be changed. Matters shall be in accordance with the changed terms and conditions.

Article 14 (Notice or Contact)

Notice or communication between users and us shall be made according to our defined procedures.

Article 15 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations)

Users can not transfer or pledge the contractual status or rights or obligations under this Agreement to a third party without prior written consent of our company

Article 16 (Government Act / Jurisdiction)

In interpreting these Terms, Japanese law is the governing law.
2. In case of dispute about this service, the court having jurisdiction over the location of our head office will be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction.

Article 17 (Management / Operation)

The Service and the Website are all managed and operated by the Company. In addition, the intellectual property rights of data such as vehicle information on the Website belong to the Company and registered exhibitors. To do.

Chapter 2 (Details)

Article 1 (Usage and payment method)

The user has paid the winning bid price entered by the user and the consumption tax, shipping fee, fee, etc. displayed on this website separately determined by the Company as compensation for using the service or purchasing products on the service. , We shall pay by the method specified by us.

Article 2 (bidding)

When a user bids for a product on this service, it is considered that the seller agrees to all the status and notes of the product posted.
In addition, if the shipment after successful bid involves import / export, understand the import / export regulations of the country of the destination country and understand that there is no problem in import / export of the corresponding product, and then bid I consider it to be

Article 3 (prohibitions of exhibitors)

1. Registering and selling with part names not compatible with the product
2. Trade in different sales volume and actual trading volume
3. Display the bidders misleading
4. Do not give enough product description in the description section
5. Posting an image or word not directly related to the item in the item title or item description
6. Selling for Advertising
7. Block other auctions in progress
8. To charge the successful bidder the fee for the procedures required for import / export such as the successful bid price, shipping fee, customs clearance etc., charges other than various taxes
9. Lead to a transaction that does not use the bidding system offered by this service

Article 4 (exhibition prohibited items)

If the secretariat finds an exhibit for something related to the following, we will give notice to the exhibitor after canceling the offer.
1. Products not related to cars
2. Recyclable airbags, such as those that are prohibited by the Automobile Recycling Law
3. Products that infringe copyright, trademark, etc.
4. Theft vehicles and parts removed from the theft vehicles
5. Products prohibited from possession or trading by law
6. Other products that the secretariat deems inappropriate even if possession or trading is not prohibited by law, or products that deviate from GAPRAS operation policy

Article 5 (Exhibition Rule)

Please understand the components of each part name and register it with the part name that matches the item to be exhibited. Please register other product information, status, and photos in detail.

Article 6 (Precautions for using the exhibition function)

Closed method
No information on bidding status is disclosed. In this case, users who bid for the highest price may not be able to win a bid.
2. Bidding method
Bidding method is a method in which a bidder arbitrarily specifies a bid price and bids.

Article 7 (prohibited actions when bidding or using)

I will prohibit the following acts
1. Make a bid and make a successful bid even though you have no intention to buy
2. Request and attract an act that violates the prohibited acts of the exhibitor
3. Requesting and inviting the exhibition of prohibited items
4. Request and attract acts that violate the listing rules

Article 8 (Notes on the use of the inquiry screen)

You can not delete or modify the message you sent once
2. The contents of the sent message can only be viewed by sellers and customers, but the secretariat may check if necessary.

Chapter 3 (Payment & Shipping)

Article 1 (Shipment)

There are 3 types of shipping.
1. Small shipping ... packing products with cardboard etc. and shipping in small retail
I will request the logistics service company specified by the exhibitor to ship it
2. Direct takeover ... Directly to the exhibitor to receive the goods directly
After the successful bid, you will adjust the visit schedule at the exhibitor and the successful bidder.
You will receive your deposit, so you will receive a deposit.
available Please be sure to inquire as there are exhibitors that can not support the exhibitors.
3. Containers ... store products and ship in containers (available only if you deposit a deposit)
If a container-desired user basically does not wish to ship other than a container, they will stock the goods for the container. There are
compatible sellers and incompatible sellers. Please be sure to contact us.

Article 2 (Payment)

Please make a successful bid, calculate shipping and handling fees, etc. and notify the payment amount by e-mail from the secretariat, and make payment promptly within 3 business days by the prescribed payment method. Shipping of goods after payment・ We will deliver.
If a transfer fee or other fee is incurred during payment, the successful bidder will bear the charge.
If you can not pay in 3 business days, the successful bid will be cancelled.
※ In the case of a container, after loading is complete, you will be billed after making an invoice.
exceptionally we accept payment directly to the exhibitor at the time of pick-up, but in that case you will be charged a fee.
※ The import tax, duty and fee imposed upon receipt will be paid to the recipient.

Article 3 (Deposit)

Users can pay the deposit in advance to
1. Shipping by Container
Depending on the amount of deposit deposited, the inventory holding period for containers and the size of the container that can be changed (20 or 40 feet) will change.
2. After stocking, extend stock retention period until payment
By placing a deposit, we will extend the retention period until payment, usually within 3 business days for small shipments or direct withdrawals, up to a maximum of 2 weeks.
Please contact the secretariat if you want to use the deposit system

Article 4 (Returns)

Basically, we can not return goods.
However, if there is a defect such as damage to the item or condition of the item not listed on the item details page when you make a successful bid within one week after receiving the item Please contact us.
We will contact you if we can return, so please follow the instructions for return.