• What is GAPRAS?

What is GAPRAS?

GAPRASGlobal Auto Parts Recycle Auction Systems)
An international recycled car parts sales system.
A new auction site connecting recycling factory and customers
A specialized site for the sale of recycled car parts that allows sellers to actually list products and accept orders (reservations) before stocking.

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GAPRAS corporate site

Shopping Guide

Purchase Flow


  1. Search

    img-search Click search in the top navigation,You can search by keywords like Engine,Model,etc.
    You can search by category, maker, model, model code, and/or engine code. description1-1 description1-1

    [Partsed Car]Even before a car is dismantled, you can bid its parts, such as the engine or the suspension system. description1-2 description1-2

    [Other products]You can bid each products. description1-3 description1-3

  2. Bid and inquiry

    On the product details screen, you can check the product’s photos, condition, and product specifications.

    [Partsed Car]Choose the quantity of parts you want,and enter your bid price, enter your bid price,and then click the "Bid" button. description1-4 description1-4

    [Other products]Choose the quantity you want,and enter your bid price,and then click the "Bid" button. description1-5 description1-5

  3. Successful bid

    The seller decides who the successful bidder is. If your bid wins, you will be notified by email.

  4. Shipping

    The shipping method varies according to the seller. Click here for details (shipping method)

  5. Payment

    Payment method is credit card. Click here for details (payment method)

Payment Method

Basically, we ask you to pay by credit card. We will contact you by e-mail for the procedure of settlement of credit card account.

If you would like a transfer, please contact Seller in advance.

Shipping Method

The shipping method varies according to the seller. For details, please Inquiries .

・FCL(Full Container Load)

This is a container shipping method that allows you to have the products you purchase kept for you until there is enough freight to fill a shipping container, based on prior agreement with the seller.

・LCL(Less than Container Load)

This is a shipping method that allows multiple owners of goods to combine their goods for shipment in one shipping container.
Since this method may not be available, please contact us in advanced to check.

・Courier(Japan Domestic)

Basically, the shipping address will be the registered address.Please contact us in advance if you want another location.
If you are a company, please be sure to register your company name in the member information.For non-company individuals, large items (other than headlights, mirrors, cells, dynamos, compressors, etc.) may be closed at certain locations depending on the shipping company.
Heavy objects, engines, missions, etc. are in pallet packaging.
You may need a heavy-duty forklift for unloading.If you are bidding for heavy goods, please carefully consider the unloading method.

・EMS(Express Mail Service)

Size and weight restrictions apply. There are forbidden items depending on the country/region. Supported shipping destinations may be subject to restrictions depending on the country/region.Please check before bidding.

For details, please Inquiries .