Auction Type Sales Site for Auto Parts


What is GAPRAS?

GAPRAS is a new auction site (Recycled Car Parts Sales Mall) that connects recycling plants and customers.

Vehicle inventory information registered on TAPRAS by each company can be published at the GAPRAS Recycled Car Parts Sales Mall.

This published information can then be browsed by professional buyers, other companies in the same industry, and general customers looking to purchase parts.

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GAPRAS is ・・・

GAPRAS is a new auction site that connects recycling plants and customers.

It allows you to search at once for all the parts you need on various markets from your PC or smartphone at home.

It is safe and easy to use, and you will surely find the parts you are looking for.


Quality evaluation by professionals

The state of each product is described along with photos, in line with a clear quality standard for each part.

Our quality ranking system (S, A, B, C, D, E) allows you to judge the quality of a part at a glance.

You can order with confidence after checking photos and quality prior to making a purchasing decision.


Expanding sales channels in Japan and abroad

We can accommodate orders from all over the world.

You can decide to sell only in Japan, or only overseas.

You can rely on GAPRAS for the whole process, from listing to sales and settlement.