• Accepting Seller

Why don't you switch from the meeting
with staying buyer to online auction?

"GAPRAS" is an online auction site specializing in vehicle recycling parts for customers aiming to expand sales channels. We are waiting for the listing from customers who want to improve sales forces for vehicle recycling parts especially overseas.

Anyone in Japan or overseas can view the information on listed parts, so it is an opportunity to find a potential customer not only sell buyer who are staying in seller's factory the stock.


Online Price Negotiate

By posting Seller's items such as automobile recycling parts and vehicles before dismantle them on GAPRAS, they will be shown to Buyer living in Japan and overseas. Therefore, speedy business negotiations are possible without face-to-face business negotiations with overseas buyer or having overseas buyer stay in Seller's factory.

Buyer can search and browse GAPRAS stock from tablet devices, etc., so they can bid at any time, anywhere, not only during the business hours of the seller or overseas local time.

Negotiate in the Chat Box

There is a chat box that keeps a record to negotiate with Bidder, the style helps to prevent misheard between Seller and Buyer or misunderstandings about the amounts. Also, if there is no person in charge who have negotiated with the buyer, you can view the history of business negotiations the staff had with the buyer so that you can easily take over it.


Definite Quality Standard

The quality evaluation standards are released in Japanese and English, so when the buyer inquires the item with the quality standard, seller can explain the quality of the listed parts smoothly.

Seller can also post a video of vehicle information so that seller can easily show the engine sound and emission gas status to the buyer.

Easy Share of Parts Information

-Buyer can search for parts without sign in.

-Listed parts can be shared to buyer on SNS such as LINE and Facebook.

-Inquiries from buyer can be answered immediately by chat.


Various Parts Listing

-It is possible to list and sell in either the state of the vehicle before dismantling or the state of individual parts.

-Seller can let customer pick the parts by listing vehicle on GAPRAS.

-Seller can freely sell items according to the needs of buyer.

Make a Maximum Profit of Each Vehicle.

Since Seller can sell each part to each highest price bidder, Seller can make a profit the maximum amount of parts per one vehicle.


55-3 Nishinagano, Shutomachi, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
TEL.81+827-84-5115 FAX.81+827-84-3128 MAIL:info@gapras.jp