We have compiled answers to questions we frequently receive from customers.
If you have any questions, please contact us Inquiries .

How to use this site

What kind of service is this?
This is an E-commerce auction site mainly for reusable car parts.
For a detailed explanation, please go here (What is GAPRAS?).
What kinds of parts do you deal in?
We mainly deal in reusable car parts. You can search for parts by entering the names of the parts you are looking for in the keyword input field on the screen.
For details on the purchase method, please go here (Shopping Guide).
I don’t know how to bid.
You need to sign up to become a member for bidding. On the item details page, enter the bid price and confirm the bid.
You will be notified the result of your bid by e-mail.
For details on the method, please go here (Shopping Guide).
When can I receive the result of my bid?
It's up to Seller. When you want to know the result, you can ask the Seller it in Inquiry form of the bid item.

Member Registration

Do I have to sign up to become a member?
You can send an inquiry without signing in. But when you bid items, you need to sign in as a member.
Please sign up here (Sign up).
Is an annual fee required?
An annual fee is not required for bidding.
If you wish to stock items for a long time to Seller (Containers, etc.), you will need an extra deposit in advance. Please contact us.
I want to change my information, such as my contact address.
Please change your information by editing your account information on My Page.
I want to deregister as a member.
Please contact us with your request through Inquiries to Secretariat. (Inquiries)

About Shipping

Can I confirm the bid history?
After login, you can check from the bid / successful bid history of mypage.
May I return items?
Purchased items cannot be returned for reasons such as the item incompatibility or incorrect order.
To return items can be accepted only for reasons that arise from a seller’s negligence such as shipping of the wrong item or item has damaged that was not included in the item description.
How much is shipping?
This depends on the shipping method and the shipping destination.
Please feel free to inquire before bidding.
What are the shipping methods?
Please see Shipping Method
Can I change the shipping destination?
If you wish to be delivered outside the address at membership registration, please contact the seller in advance. It can not be changed after shipping preparation is complete.
Can you ship overseas?
We ship both domestically (in Japan) and overseas.
Depending on the country, some restrictions may apply on the import of goods, so please check in advance before bidding.
The item I received is not the one I ordered.
Please contact Seller in each Inquiry Form of the purchased item.
I would like to pick up the item.
Please tell Seller in advance. When they can accept that, come to the store within one week.
I want to cancel my order.
After you became a Buyer, There is a cancellation fee. please contact us through the Inquiry Form.
If it is before the Buyer is decided, please contact us from the inquiry form.

About Payments

Could you issue an invoice ?
We issue an invoice as a PDF. We won't send it by mail so please understand it
Can I pay by credit card?
You can use a credit card. We currently support VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX.
Can I have any payment method except a Credit card?
You can use a bank transfer to pay.
Tell Seller that you want to pay by bank transfer in advance.
Do the prices include consumption tax?
Bid prices do not include the consumption tax.
What does the bid price include?
The bid price is only the price of the item.
It does not include the consumption tax, shipping fee, customs clearance fees, and other applicable fees, which are charged separately.
Is the payment currency only Japanese yen?
Yes, at present we accept only Japanese yen for payment.


What are your business hours?
Our office hours are from 8:30 to 17:00 weekdays.
We are closed Saturdays, Sunday and Japanese national holidays,
as well for several days during the year-end/New Year holidays and the o-bon (mid-august) holidays.
We accept inquiries and orders even outside office hours, but please understand that we can reply only during office hours.
Are items warranted?
This depends on each item and quality grade.
For details, please check our Terms of Service.
I would like to know the detailed condition of the item.
You can check the photo(s) of the item and its description on the item details screen.
To request information not listed on the item details screen, please use the Inquiry Form.
Some sellers also allow customers to directly come to their store to check out items beforehand, so please inquire with the seller if you would like to do so.
I cannot login.
A distinction is made between uppercase and lowercase.
If you have forgotten your password, please submit a request to have your password reissued from "Lost Your Password?" on the Login Screen.
Do you support languages other than English?
Currently, we support only English or Japanese.
We plan to support other languages in the future.