• Guideline

Seller Guideline

Sellers should list items to GAPRAS Auction Services after reading the Terms of Service and agree it.

Usage qualification

1.A corporation or sole proprietor who agrees to our Terms of Use and has an antique dealer license

2.Seller can explain the item based on "About Quality Standard"

3.Being able to sell using our selling system

4.Participated in Seller training from GAPRAS

The System We Provide for Seller

We provide sellers with a system that has the following functions.

1.To list items

2.To manage bids and successful bids

3.To answer questions about items etc.

4.To communicate with buyers for transactions

5.Other functions that we consider useful

Usage fee

Listing system usage fee(All prices on this page do not include tax. When you use the listing system, the consumption tax of 10% is charged)

Premium Seller*1. Seller
Initial cost free 100,000 JPY
Listing system
usage fee
free 50,000JPY
per month*2
Auction fees*3 8% 10%

*1:Premium Seller is who use TAPRAS, the vehicle recycling factory management software, provided by us. Please contact us if Seller would like to use it.
The TAPRAS introduction video is available on our website "Each product introduction video list" .

*2:The price is per account.
From 2 accounts to 5 accounts will be charged 5,000 JPY per account. Please contact us if Seller want more than 6 account.

*3:When we transfer the last month's sales to Seller account, we calculate the auction fee and deduct it from the transfer.

*4:When we can not confirm Seller's payment of "Listing system usage fee" by the deadline, we can deduct it from Seller's sales.

Cancellation fee for listing

5,000 JPY / unit

※If the item is sold within a week or if there are bidders, we will charge 5,000 JPY per item.

Recommended manners for listing

・Please refrain from posting the registration number of the listed vehicle or the signboard from the warehousing source written on the vehicle as it is as a item image.

・Please do not include personal identification information such as the photographer's image in the listed image.

Making Invoice for Buyer

・Make an invoice based on the transaction conditions, the shipping fee, transportation method, billing of recycling fee, etc., set with Bidder before decide the Buyer.

・After making the invoice, please send the payment request to Buyer. When the payment from Buyer can be confirmed, the GAPRAS secretariat will notify the seller of the payment confirmation.

Shipment of Item

・After Seller confirmed receipt of Buyer's payment from GAPRAS, Seller ship the item to Buyer.

・Notify Buyer that the date of shipment, tracking number, and message if it is needed from "Billing Detail."

Prohibited Item

Please check Terms of Service Article 10 Clause 2"Prohibited Items" as your reference

The seller acknowledges in advance about the items that we cannot sell as specified below. If Seller sell an item that falls under the prohibited items, it will be deemed as a violation of this agreement regardless of the seller's intention or negligence.

(1)Items not related to vehicles

(2)Items that are prohibited from being reused by the Law Concerning Recycling Measures of End-of-life Vehicles, such as processed airbags

(3)Items that violate the copyright, trademark, etc. of others

(4)Stolen vehicles and items removed from stolen vehicles

(5)Items forbidden to possess or trade by law

(6)Other items that we considers inappropriate or unsuitable for an operating policy of the Service, even if possession or buying and selling is not prohibited by law.

Prohibited Activity for Seller

Please check Terms of Service Article 10 Clause 6"Prohibited Activities for Seller" as your reference

(1)Register / list with a part name that does not match the item

(2)Make a transaction where the set sales volume and the actual transaction volume are different

(3)Make a display that may mislead the bidder

(4)lack of explanation item in the description column

(5)Posting images or words that are not directly related to the list in the item title or item description

(6)Listing for the purpose of advertising a item that is not for sale on this service.

(7)Interfering with other auctions in progress

(8)To charge Buyer the successful bid price, fees for import / export procedures such as shipping and customs clearance, and fees other than various taxes.

(9)Guide to transactions that do not use the bidding system provided by this service

(10)Listings intended for sale to specific users

(11)Publishing the listing procedure page that we provide to sellers to third parties

(12)The seller himself makes a successful bid for the item

Bidder Guideline

Bidders should use GAPRAS after confirming the Terms of Service. the Terms of Service and agree it.

Usage qualification

1.Agree to our Terms of Service and complete GAPRAS membership registration

2. Be able to bid using our bidding system

The System We Provide

The System We Provide for Bidder(Includes system offered after a successful bid)

1.To bid on items, etc.

2.To ask sellers questions

3.To communicate with sellers regarding transactions

4.Other functions that we consider useful

Usage fee

The bid price does not include consumption tax, a shipping fee, and handling charges for Seller. Please contact Seller about charges when Buyer and Seller talk about how to send the item.

Bid conditions such as bid cancellation fee are written in the notes, so please be sure to confirm the bid before bidding.

・Payment method is credit card. Please check Payment Method as your reference. When Buyer want to pay by bank transfer, contact Seller in advance

Auction Style

The auction format for this service is a closed bid method. The seller can see the bidder and bid amount on the seller's exclusive page. Bidders will not be notified of other bidders and the bid amounts of other bidders.

About item information when bidding

Sellers and bidders can ask and answer questions about items. Sellers and bidders cannot delete or modify the sent message.Although the content of the message is not disclosed to third parties, we may check it as necessary when smoothly operating this service. When a bidder bids for a item on this service, it is assumed that he / she has agreed with all the conditions and precautions of the item listed by the seller. In addition, if the shipment after importing is accompanied by import / export, it is considered that the bid has been made after understanding the export / import regulations of the destination country and understanding that there is no problem in the import / export of the item.

Cancel the Bid

(1)If Seller does not respond to Bidder's bid within 14 business days since the bid day, Bidder may cancel their bid.

(2)When Bidder or Buyer want to cancel the bid except (1), a cancellation fee is shown in"NOTICE" by Seller in each Product detail so check it before tell Seller to cancel the bid.

Prohibited Activity for Bidder

Please check Terms of Service Article 12 Clause 4"Prohibited Activities for Bidder" as your reference

(1)Bid or make a successful bid even if bidder do not intend to purchase for resale purposes or price surveys

(2)Requesting and inviting the seller to act in violation of the seller's prohibited acts

(3)Seller cannot make a successful bid for an item that seller have listed. If seller want to cancel the listing, please follow the procedure specified by our company.

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