We will show you the necessary fee for using GAPRAS

Contents of Services

GAPRAS will offer trading opportunities for you and GAPRAS member companies

Service Compensation

Your members will not be charged as a member, but there may be the following fees such as a bid cancellation fee after a successful bid decision. The following fees will be incurred for GAPRAS member companies.

Bid cancellation fee: 20,000 yen / item
Inter-site transfer cost: 5,000 yen / item
Seaparts Iwakuni Seaparts Yamaguchi factory only 3,000 yen / item

[GAPRAS Participating Companies]
■ Membership fee
Request based on exhibitor affiliation fee for GAPRAS exhibitor terms
■ System usage fee
Admission system fee: 2,000 yen / item
Closed fee: 3%
Cancellation fee: 5,000 yen

How to pay for services

Payment method

Please pay to the exhibitor according to the terms of the transaction with the exhibitor.

[GAPRAS Participating Companies]
Affiliation fee, system fee will be paid by bank transfer.

payment time

Please make payment to the exhibitor according to the terms of the deal with the exhibitor

[GAPRAS Participating Companies]
Calculates on a monthly basis from the first day to the last day and charges the next month

Provision of service

Join as a GAPRAS exhibitor and will be available soon after the completion of the listing procedure.

member registration, available immediately after bidding process

Successful bidder decision
Join as a GAPRAS exhibitor, available immediately after completing the bidding process.

Service Provider

Service Provider
Seaparts Co., Ltd.
55-3 Nishinagano, Shutomachi, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan 742-0425
+81 827-84-5115

Representative Representative Director Nissei Yoshikawa